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Forex Trading Bootcamp Onboarding Email Sequence

Email #1  

Thanks for signing up!

I’m Dan, founder of Forex Traders Inc. I created a 6-week Forex training program called Forex Bootcamp. It shares the proven methods I used to earn over $50k, starting with just a $500 account.  

You’ll receive emails shortly with excerpts from the Forex Bootcamp curriculum. These tips will demonstrate how our system enables traders to consistently profit while avoiding mistakes beginners typically make.

Stay tuned!


PS – Gain immediate access to the full Forex Bootcamp program and massively accelerate your trading education! [link to paid bootcamp program]

Email #2

Morning [Name]!  

Today, I’m covering a monumental mistake new Forex traders make – taking on too much risk per trade. I learned this the hard way initially. Got fixated on big profits fast. A few losses quickly drained my account.

Forex Bootcamp teaches precise risk management per trade to maximize profits while protecting your account. Mastering this saved my young trading career.

More game-changing strategies coming soon!



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Email #3

[Name], listen up!

You may be closer to your first consistently profitable month than you think. While Forex freedom seems distant given the learning curve, sustainable success is quite attainable with expert guidance.

Our proven Bootcamp system allows students to typically break even within just 6 weeks!

Stay confident – you’ve got this!


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Email #4

Good morning!

Today I’m spotlighting an extremely beneficial technique – transitioning from simulated demo trading to live funded accounts.

Cracking this technique was a game-changer for me. Start profiting for real with the specialized mental adjustments we teach!

By walking you through my emotional journey, Forex Bootcamp rapidly advances your trading education. You’ll know precisely how to win when you commence live market trading.  

Chat soon!


PS – Access battle-tested strategies like this specialized demo vs. live money mindset training within Forex Bootcamp. Unlock your potential now! [link]

Email #5  

Happy Friday!

Last chance for exclusive Forex Bootcamp bonuses ending Monday at midnight:

  • Recordings of all past coaching sessions
  • 1 month free subscription to our Elite Trade Signals
  • 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with me

Claim over $440 in exclusive extras through this link right here. Yes I earn a commission, but you also get almost $500 in free perks!

This exclusive offer disappears in under 72 hours… so act now!

Let’s get this money!


PS – Lock in these bonuses and commence your Forex trading education within our acclaimed Bootcamp before time runs out! [link]

Email 1 

Subject: Hope You’re Enjoying the Trading Secrets!

Hey there,

Dan circling back from Forex Traders Inc.
Wanted to check in and make sure you’ve been able to access and enjoy your copy of  “7 Secrets of Elite Traders” that you downloaded recently. 

Let me know if you have any issues getting that ebook or if any questions pop up as you’re going through it!

The tips in there around risk management and developing a trading edge should already get your mind racing with possibilities.

Now you’ve gotten a glimpse into the level of practical training we provide. 

But that’s truly just scratching the surface of what our flagship Forex Bootcamp program can offer you. 

I don’t say this lightly – the Bootcamp completely transformed me from a clueless beginner to a consistently profitable trader. 

I want the same success for you my friend. 

So consider this a personal invitation to enroll in the next cohort kicking off on [date]. 

You won’t regret making this high-impact investment I promise you that!

Even if you’re still digesting those trading secrets for now, keep an eye out for some additional value-bombs coming your way soon!

Speak soon,

Email 2

Subject: Could This Be The Missing Piece?


Dan here checking in again from the Forex crew. By now I hope you’ve really sunk your teeth into some of those elite trading methods from the free ebook. 

As you can see, even just a handful of those tips could give you an instant edge if applied properly. Now imagine how rapidly you could accelerate your learning with a complete A-Z system tailored to the needs of busy working professionals.

That’s exactly why we developed the Forex Bootcamp. It’s designed to shortcut the learning curve dramatically by giving you an easy-to-follow roadmap for developing your own highly profitable trading approach.

I don’t expect you to just take my word for it though! By the end of this week, I’ll be introducing you to a former Bootcamp member named Michael. He was able to consistently earn over $2k per week within just 2 MONTHS of joining us, while still working a demanding full-time job. 

Now he enjoys the freedom to scale back his work hours, spend more time with family, and focus on causes he cares about. Not bad right? 💰

Stay tuned to hear more about Michael’s story in the coming days!

In the meantime, keep soaking up those trading secrets and take note of how they resonate with you.

Yours truly,


Email 3 

Subject: Case Study: Meet Michael


It’s Dan back again, excited to introduce you to Michael today and share a bit about his Forex trading journey…

Before joining us, Michael admits he knew next to NOTHING about Forex or financial markets in general. His 9-5 kept him working long stressful hours. He knew there had to be more out there – a way to escape the rat race.

Initially, he tried copying friends investing in stocks. Then various trading “gurus” promising overnight wealth if you pay $5k for their exclusive mentorship program. Predictably, none of that worked out well at all. 

Michael was about ready to give up hope. Then he stumbled onto my free ebook, which opened his mind to a new possibility – what if THIS was finally the real deal? He took a chance on joining Forex Bootcamp.

Within 8 weeks, Michael was averaging $1500/week in profits 👀…even with minimal initial trading experience. And after 4 months at a 70% win rate he now earns a reliable $2k+ per week. 

He says joining the Bootcamp was “the best decision of his life” both financially and for overall peace of mind. Now he enjoys the flexibility to work when HE wants to, while still growing his income. Plus he finally controls his time to focus more on family – the true dream come true.

I’ll stop rambling now 😅. But hopefully hearing a bit of Michael’s Forex success since joining us gets you thinking and excited about the possibilities!

Hit reply anytime if you have questions or just want to chat Forex. Otherwise, more to come soon!

Your coach,


Email 4 

Subject: What’s Holding You Back?

Good afternoon!

Dan here checking in. By now, you’ve probably realized that succeeding as a Forex trader is not easy for most people trying to figure it out on their own. 

I totally get why at times it seems simpler to just continue grinding and settle for mediocrity…

But deep down, you understand you deserve better right? The time and financial freedom to focus on what matters most – family, hobbies, living life on YOUR terms.

As humans, we ALL crave that deep fulfillment. But chasing it means facing the discomfort of doing things differently than the masses. Being willing to invest in your dreams when others mock them. 

So truly ask yourself – what’s holding you back from taking that “uncomfortable” step to achieve something incredible? 

It’s cliche, but if winning was easy, everyone would do it. With Forex Bootcamp, you’re taking the proven path to developing winning habits in ALL areas of life, not just trading.

I believe you have that fire within to take control of your future if you choose to fan the flame 🔥 Whaddya say, are you ready to ignite your potential?

Yours in success,


Email 5 

Subject: Last Chance to Join Us!

Happy Friday friend! 

I wanted to let you know this is the FINAL CALL to get into Forex Bootcamp before doors close. 

We only open enrollment several times per year since we operate in small groups. Demand is extremely high for our hands-on training system after seeing the consistent profits our traders make.

So if you have any reservations or lingering indecision, I strongly recommend claiming your spot ASAP before it disappears! 

Consider Michael’s success…his entire financial life and mindset turned completely upside down after joining. Plus we have a SOLID track record of helping committed students replicate his level of profitability in quite a short window.

But I only work closely with action-takers who I know are willing to put in the effort. Tell me you’ve got that fire because I would hate for you to miss out!

Either way, it’s been a sincere pleasure providing this value and getting to connect on our journey together. Please stay in touch my friend 🙂

Speak soon! 



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